Our Services

Effective  1/1/23 Emerald Coast Kennel increased its prices due to wage and supplies cost increase.   **All pets must be on heartworm and flea/tick preventative 



4 feet x 6 feet inside with a 4 feet x 10 feet outside veranda

Additional dog in same run $25/day

*SPECIAL Military, Police Officer & Fire Fighter Rate $45/night



6 feet x 8 feet room with TV and bed

Additional dog $35/day

SPECIAL Military, Police Officer & Fire Fighter Rate $63/day

Kitty Condo


Upstairs/downstairs kitty condo

Additional cat in same condo $20/day

SPECIAL Military, Police Officer & Fire Fighter Rate $27/day

There is a cat room for multiple cats of the same family

Day boarding for a dog


Additional dog in same run $20/day

SPECIAL Military, Police Officer & Fire Fighter Rate $27 per day

Day boarding for a cat


Additional cat for day boarding $20 per day

SPECIAL Military, Police Officer & Fire Fighter Rate $22.50 per day

During Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, check in time is after 1 pm and check out time is before noon

Reservations for Holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) require a credit card number given to secure the deposit ($50.00) for the reservation.

All first time guests are required to prepay upon arrival.

Any dog boarding in the kennel that urinates inside it’s kennel and becomes soiled or obtains the smell of urine will be bathed at the owner’s expens

Vaccinations required:

Dogs: Rabies, Parvo/Distemper, and Bordetella Cats: Rabies, Feline Upper Respiratory, and Feline Leukemia


We provide additional services to make your pet’s stay with us a pleasant one! 

Baths - available before dog departure upon request‏‏

Small Dogs: Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Shih Tzus, etc
$15 – $20

Medium Dogs: Beagles, Shelties, Wheaton Terriers, Australian Cattle Dogs, etc
$25 – $30

Large Dogs: Labradors, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, etc
$35 – $40

Giant Dogs: Great Danes, Mastiffs, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, etc.
$45 – $50

Other Services

Brushing: $5 per day

Medication administered: 1 per dose per pet medication given with pill pockets, cheese, peanut butter or manually

Medicated or Hypoallergenic Shampoo: $5.00 extra

Toenails on dogs $10

Flea Shampoo or Dip $5.00 extra

If a pet becomes ill while in our care and has to be taken to the vet, we will call the owner and then take the pet to their vet if possible. Otherwise, we will take the pet to a reputable vet with in the area. The customer will be charged for the vet bill plus a fee of $25.00 for a trip charge during normal vet business hours or a fee of $50.00 for a trip charge after normal vet business hours plus the vet bill.

Bordetella immunization: A Bordetella given orally $25

Take A Peek At Our Dogs Having Fun During Their Visits


We feed Science Diet kibble twice daily at no extra charge. However, if your pet eats something different at home you are welcome to bring your food so that your pet will not get an upset stomach.

You are more than welcome to bring your pet’s bed, blanket, and/or toys. However, be advised that some pets urinate, defecate or tear up beds, blankets or toys while staying here since it is a different atmosphere from home.

Every dog is taken outside in one of our 4 play yards to play with one of our staff and to potty 3 to 4 times daily at no extra charge.

We do not mix dogs from different families for play time. Each kennel is taken outside in one of our play yards to play and potty individually. If there are several dogs from the same family they will all go outside together.

We allow 2 dogs to stay together in the same kennel from the same family as long as there is no fighting. Should they start fighting, they will be separated into different kennels and there will be an additional charge for the additional kennel.

A kitty condo has an upstairs condo with a downstairs condo attached. We put their food and water upstairs and they can go down the stairs to the downstairs condo where the litter box is kept.

The kitty room is designated for families with multiple cats and they get first choice. However, if there are no reservations for multiple cats you may have the kitty room.

We have 35 inside/outside kennels that are 4 ft x 6 ft inside with clear flaps in the doggie door leading out to the 4 ft x 10 ft veranda that is covered with chain link fence on top as well as a tin roof 2 ft above the chain link to keep your dog dry while enjoying the veranda. There are also 8 kennels that are 4 ft x 6 ft with a cot inside.

Drop off time is 8 am – 12 noon and 1 pm – 5 pm Monday through Saturday; 8 am – 9 am and 4 pm – 5 pm on Sundays and Holidays. The only exception is Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays in which Drop off is only 1 pm – 5 pm Monday through Saturday and 4 pm – 5 pm on Sunday.  

Pick up times are 8 am – 12 noon Monday through Saturday and 8 am – 9 am on Sundays and Holidays. You may pick up  in the afternoon from 1 pm – 5 pm Monday through Saturday or 4 pm – 5 pm on Sundays and Holidays but will be charged for another day.


The latest you can pick up your pet is 5pm.

When there is a hurricane coming to our area and we are ordered to evacuate we call every owner and ask them to come and retrieve their pet/s. We will not take in pets once we have been ordered to evacuate as you should take your pets with you to lessen the amount of stress for them. Should you be out of the country where you cannot come and retrieve your pet, your pet will be moved to a safer location and you will be charged an additional fee of $100.00/day to evacuate and transport your pet until we can return to the kennel safely.